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Cold stop copper radiator
Cold stop copper radiator
Copper Cold Stop radiator can save up to 50% of fuel consumption by using modern knowledge and technologies
Optimizing fuel consumption
Optimizing fuel consumption
Due to having a high thermal inertia index at the global level

About Cold Stop

Azar Perto Garma manufacturing company started its activity in 2015 with the registration number 2421 with the aim of producing quality national goods and in this regard it has succeeded in patenting and producing the first copper radiator under the Cold Stop brand.

high resistance

Long life of cold stop copper radiators and resistant to corrosion and decay

Warranty service

Cold Stop copper radiators have a 20-year warranty (10-year replacement and 10-year service).

Reduce consumption costs

Optimizing fuel consumption (due to having a high thermal inertia index at the global level).

Higher thermal power

Using the surface of aluminum sheet for more heat transfer with high purity, which increases the thermal power.

Cold Stop

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Cold Stop

Cold Stop purchase process

Get and use endlessly

At this stage, your copper radiator is ready to use and provides heat to your home permanently.

Prepare and send

Finally, after going through the stages of consultation and selection and final registration of the purchase, Cold Stop's sales team will prepare your order to be sent in the shortest possible time.

Select and register purchase

After the consultation, it is time to choose the right cold stop, which has complete information on the product page.


At first, you should communicate with the sales experts of Cold Stop and use the free consultation of this collection.

Azar Perto Garma Co

Now we intend to take a new step with this product with its unique features in order to reduce economic surplus costs, trend towards superior technology of heating systems, save on optimal gas consumption, expand the industrial and economic scope and self-sufficiency in this category. . .

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